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Ремонт телевизора LG 32LC54

Телевизор  LG 32LC54

LG 32LC54

                                                         ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ



Размер экрана 32" (81 см)
Разрешение экрана 1366x768
 Мощность Звука 20 Вт (2x10 Вт)

Размеры (Ш x В x Г)

Размеры с подставкой 

Размеры без подставки


807x606x249 мм

807x553x79 мм


10.7 кг




При возникновении сомнений относительно правильной работы телевизора, сначала просмотрите данный список возможных проблем и способов их устранения. В случае если ни один из перечисленных советов не поможет устранить неисправность, нажмите кнопку "Вызвать мастера" и оставьте заявку с кратким описанием неисправности, или позвоните по телефону +7(812) 621-53-16



The operation does not work normally.

■  Check to see if there is any object between the product and the remote control causing obstruction.

 The remote control

doesn’t work


 Power is suddenly turned off

■  Are batteries installed with correct polarity (+ to +, - to -)?

■  Correct remote operating mode set: TV, VCR etc.?

■  Install new batteries.


■  Is the sleep time set?

■  Check the power control settings. Power interrupted

■  No broadcast on station tuned with Auto off activated.


The video function does not work.


 No  picture  & No  sound



 Picture appears slow- ly after switching on



 No  or  poor  colour or poor picture



 Horizontal/vertical bars or picture shaking


 Poor reception on some channels


 Lines or streaks in pictures

■ Check whether the product is turned on.

■ Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast.

■ Is the power cord inserted into wall power outlet?

■ Check your antenna direction and/or location.

■ Test the wall power outlet, plug another product’s power cord into the outlet where the product’s power cord was plugged in.


■ This is normal, the image is muted during the product startup process. Please contact your service center, if the picture has not appeared after five minutes.


■ Adjust Colour in menu option.

■ Keep a sufficient distance between the product and the VCR.

■ Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast.

■ Are the video cables installed properly?

■ Activate any function to restore the brightness of the picture.



■ Check for local interference such as an electrical appliance or power tool.



■ Station or cable product experiencing problems, tune to another station.

■ Station signal is weak, reorient antenna to receive weaker station.

■ Check for sources of possible interference.


■ Check antenna (Change the direction of the antenna).


The audio function does not work.



Picture  OK  & No  sound

■ Press the VOL+/-  (or  Volume) button.

■ Sound muted? Press MUTE button.

■ Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast.

■ Are the audio cables installed properly?

No output from one

■ Adjust Balance in menu option.

of the speakers



Unusual sound from


■ A change in ambient humidity or temperature may result in an unusual noise when

inside the product

the product is turned on or off and does not indicate a fault with the product.

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